More Than Weight Loss: The Secret To A Healthy Body Is An Active Metabolism

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Diets often have unwanted side effects. When you eat less to lose weight, your body senses “famine” and slows down your metabolism. Instead of experiencing fat loss, you can experience loss of focus, reduced energy, digestive issues, and poor sleep.

With the right diet, you should experience the exact opposite. It shouldn’t just provide you with a strong start. It should also be sustainable, helping you to improve your health and gain more vitality in the long term.

Looking for the right diet, nutrition experts from the University of Freiburg, in Germany, did a series of studies on several different diet and weight loss programs.

One specific diet performed a lot better than most conventional dietary approaches. In this particular diet, weight loss happens rapidly, with no yo-yo effect, when the body regains the weight that was lost. In fact, the latest results show that losing most of your starting weight early in a diet is an important factor to long-term success - both in terms of weight management and muscle retention.

And there is a specific nutritional blend that helps you achieve your results both quickly and SAFELY.

The central pillar of success in this diet is a special nutritional powder that blends together the highest quality non-GMO soy, probiotic yogurt from Ireland and high-enzymatic honey that comes straight from the nature preserves in Mexico.


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The nutrition experts from Freiburg also found that this powder significantly enhanced the positive effects of the diet. It helps people feel satisfied by helping the body regulate healthy levels of the hunger hormones. The results of this study were so surprising to the scientific world that they were featured in the International Journal of Obesity.

And research interest in Almased® is growing.

In November 2020, researchers at the Canada’s Alberta Diabetes Institute, in Edmonton, Canada, published their breakthrough results about Almased® and weight loss in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In a group of healthy people, researchers gave low-glycemic high-protein Almased® or a regular diet.

The people who received Almased® had higher thermogenesis—which shows increased absorption of nutrients, including protein; better fat oxidation—which means the body’s burning fat instead of carbs, moving fat out of storage to be used as energy; lowered resistance to weight loss; decreased hunger between meals; and less of a tendency to gain fat.

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Why Almased® Is the Best Fat Burning Drink.

The powder contains bioactive peptides, which are naturally created when the three high quality ingredients are blended using a revolutionary production process.

Bioactive peptides naturally occur in high quality foods. They work as accelerators for our metabolism since they have the ability to literally switch metabolic processes on or off. Of course, bioactive peptides occur naturally in soy and yogurt. And by blending these ingredients in this special production process, new bioactive peptides occur.

This is achieved by enzymes in the special honey that’s used in the powder, which work as a catalyst. The company only uses honey that has an enzymatic activity of at least 100 units per kilogram. That is what keeps this product basically a “live” powder, which is unparalleled and unique to this day.

Why are bioactive peptides so important? Some of them, such as lunasin, have a big impact on fat storage and fat loss, and are huge factors in the success of a diet.

Scientific research

Compared to a regular North American Diet, Almased® results in higher resting energy expenditure, according to a new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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Almased® Is Number One… Simply Because It Works!

This special powder is called Almased®!

Almased® has been the most popular dietary product in Germany for the last 10 years, and it's the weight loss product that pharmacists there recommend most often to their customers. Here in the United States, Almased® is growing in popularity.

No matter what your health goal is—to lose those extra pounds, to increase energy, to boost performance, or to enhance well-being—Almased® can help you achieve it!

Almased® experts are available to help you start on your health journey! 


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