Meal Replacement

For those looking for supportive nutrition, this is the perfect plan for you.

Using Almased® as a wellness supplement provides the body with important, as well as, extra nutrients necessary for muscle growth and recovery. Individuals who could use nutritional support vary from casual exercises to athletes, to everyone in between.

The Plan

Start with phase 4. Drink one Almased® shake a day in addition to regular healthy meals. Adding an Almased® shake to your daily diet ensures that you take in 27 grams of protein that you may need due to any added stress your body is experiencing.

For those working out vigorously or looking to body- build, drink 1⁄2 shake to 1 full shake of Almased® within a 40 minute to 2-hour timeframe after a workout.


Blasting the body with protein-rich Almased® post-workout helps muscles and recover overnight, so there are no gaps in your exercise schedule due to muscle soreness.

Refer to pages 12-13 for each phase of the Figure Plan.