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Losing weight can be really hard, no matter what our age.

For women over age 50, the lack of estrogen before and after menopause can lead to more fat in the midsection.

For men, regular feasting on fast food and snacks, combined with plummeting testosterone levels, can add pounds like a gut punch, and we do mean that literally!

Whether you’ve struggled with weight issues in the past or not, now that you are in your 50s or older, losing weight — and keeping it off — may seem even harder to achieve.

Fortunately, if you can embrace some of the changes that happen to your body due to age and stay optimistic about your health, you can still achieve a healthy weight.

While we can’t change our chronological age, we can definitely change our biological age — how healthy we are, how fit we are and how we feel!

High-protein Almased® can help keep our muscles intact, support our health and help us avoid the perils of being overweight, but more on that below.

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    The Body Changes As We Get Older

    Hormones control many functions in the body. With age, your body will produce fewer hormones, and tissues will become less responsive.

    Physical changes can become more noticeable during peri- or postmenopausal stages.

    Some of the changes you may see are incremental increases in body weight, reduction in muscle tone, joint and posture changes, as well as alterations in your mood, blood sugar levels and rate of digestion.

    This, in turn, will affect your metabolism. Metabolism is made up of a complex system of hormones and enzymes that help convert food into usable forms of energy.

    This conversion helps burn calories daily. Beginning at age 25, the rate of your metabolism will inevitably start to decline by 2%-4% each year, meaning the conversion of food to energy becomes slower.

    Some metabolic dampening is natural. It’s our body’s way of helping us produce body fat stores so that, in case you were ever to fall ill, you will have a safety cushion to provide you with energy for recovery. The problem is that this programmed metabolic dip can lead to unwanted weight gain over time.

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    Food Tips for A Healthy Diet

    But we can age better with a healthy diet.

    Part of this includes eating a healthy diet featuring plenty of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and an optimal amount of essential fats.

    Aim for 3 ½ cups of fruits and vegetables per day to take in vital antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

    Fruits and vegetables can help maintain energy levels and regularity. The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the better. For whole grains, choose brown rice, lentils, quinoa or whole-grain bread.

    For essential fats, consume 5–7 teaspoons of oil per day. Those oils include olive, flaxseed, or walnut oil.

    You can add oil to Almased® shakes or veggie broth, and consume it as a part of your salad dressing or while preparing your meals.

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    Nutrients for a Healthy Diet

    Children are not little adults; their nutritional needs are very different from those of grown-ups. In the same way, adults over age 50 need different nutrients than do people in their 20s or 30s.

    In fact, in some ways, the nutritional needs of a senior are as high or higher than those of younger adults.

    For example, as we get older we have an increasing demand for vitamin D, calcium, vitamin B-12 and protein.

    However the body is less equipped to absorb certain nutrients as we age. For instance, the stomach secretes less hydrochloric acid, so, for example, less calcium can be absorbed.

    Calcium absorption may also be lost due to hormonal changes that increase the excretion of calcium through the kidneys.

    Protein, in particular, is super-important for folks as they age, but this life-saving fact is often overlooked.

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    The Importance of Exercise

    Remember to be physically active each day. In fact, it’s important to participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity daily. Examples of physical activity include longer brisk walks, gardening at your home or fitness classes at your local gym.

    Being more active can help you feel better, decrease stress, help with weight control, and improve strength and flexibility. On top of that, it can help increase balance and improve sleep.

    Powering Up With Protein

    As we age, lean muscle mass can begin to decline, but this tendency can be significantly slowed with a generous amount of high-protein meals. The best recommendation is 50 grams of protein per day.

    Almased’s protein-packed shakes can help. In fact, Almased® alone gives us almost 60 percent of those 50 grams in just 27-gram serving!

    Better nutrition, healthier eating, and a sensible approach to weight loss can help us achieve the health benefits we want.

    Everything you do now, in time, will matter to your overall health down the line. Age gracefully with Almased®.

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    • 2 Cans of Almased® Protein Powder 17.6 Ounces
    • 1 Almased® Blender Bottle® – FREE!
    • 1 Almased® Spoon – FREE!