Fat Burning Drinks: 4 Reasons Why Almased® May Be Just What Your Body Ordered

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• Do you want to power up your fitness with pure nutrition?

• Is there a special event coming up where you need to be “Little Black Dress Ready”?

• Do you want to just keep those extra pounds off?

• Do you want to add some good nutrition to your day?

Whatever your goal, you can't go wrong with Almased®.

What Is Almased®? It’s a unique low-carb high-protein weight-loss formula that floods your body with key nutrients and amino acids. It features 27 grams of protein in a natural formula that comes in a powder for super-easy mixing into shakes and smoothies.

From fast-tracking fat loss to preserving your successful goal weight, it’s easy to drink Almased® shakes in place of 1, 2 or 3 meals daily. Or, just use Almased® as an occasional healthy snack when needed.

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Almased® is simple, and it works.

Powering Up Your Sports Nutrition Game

Since 80% of gym memberships go unused and 80% of weight-loss is related to diet and the foods we choose, it’s more important than ever that we pay close attention to the ingredients which are in our sports nutrition products.

Many people today prefer products that not only provide functional benefits, but also include healthful ingredients, like plant-based protein, and clean-label claims, like organic, all-natural, sustainable, cruelty-free and non-GMO.

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Consuming sports nutrition products with amino acids is crucial in preserving and building lean muscle. And when we’re looking for a plant-based alternative, soy is the only plant that contains a complete amino acid profile compared to other plant proteins, which makes it the perfect alternative to dairy protein.

We all know to look for healthy protein to build a strong and healthy body. But, did you know soy is 36–56 percent pure protein? And that the lunasin in Almased® is a naturally occurring soy peptide that stimulates fat-burning?

The 27 grams of clean, pure protein you get in just one serving of Almased®, along with its full complement of amino acids, vitamins and minerals, make Almased®, the fat burning drink a vital part of your nutritional game plan for success!

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Getting “Little Black Dress” Ready

If you need to get ready for that little black dress, bridesmaid dress or that bikini for an unexpected cruise, Almased® recommends the Bikini-Emergency-Plan, which is a short liquid fast of Almased® shakes for a period of 3 to 14 days — depending upon your ideal weight loss goals, age and general fitness.

By using the Almased® nutritional supplement as a fat burning drink, you keep yourself nourished without annoying hunger pangs, loss of lean muscle, or slumping energy levels.


diet plant almased dietary supplement for weigth management

Almased® has been shown to keep us feeling full longer, all while it supports fat burning.

In fact, many Almased® customers have told us about how they were able to stick to their diet because of naturally “feeling full” (or satiety) by using Almased®.

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“I Just Want to Keep Those Extra Pounds Off”

To lose the right weight, keeping appetite in check is key, not just calorie restriction.

While other supplements suppress appetite, the Almased® formula naturally adjusts the appetite for safe weight loss, and the results are extraordinary.

Stunning health benefits result from combining 3 powerful yet wholly natural ingredients when using Almased’s proprietary fermentation process: High-quality non-GMO plant-based protein, cultured yogurt, and rich honey that’s bursting with raw living enzymes.

All are fermented in a special process that yields a perfect low-carb, high protein, healthy weight-loss drink.

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Boost Your Daily Nutrition

We all need more high-quality protein in our diet from multiple sources and much fewer foods such as refined sugars, high-fructose corn syrup, sodas, sweetened juices, refined carbs, deep-fried foods, and partially hydrogenated (trans) fats.

Instead of skipping nutritious meals, people are looking for products that can easily and quickly replace their meals.

And since we all love ease and convenience, ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink products are a must-have for everyone who’s busy or are on-the-go all the time.

That’s where Almased® comes in. Everything in Almased® is good for you! It helps fill in those gaps in your daily nutrition, while also making it less likely that you’ll feel like making those unhealthy food choices that can sabotage so many of our best efforts.

And the secret behind Almased® is its unique ability to safely reduce appetite while supporting proper nutrition and natural fat-burning.

This may sound like a Jedi mind trick, but it's really the cornerstone of sound nutrition, good health, and sustainable weight for life!

Almased® is the new healthy diet, plus a whole lot more!


diet plant almased dietary supplement for weigth management