Almond-Vanilla Protein Powder 17.6 Oz 2-Pack
Almond-Vanilla Protein Powder 17.6 Oz 2-Pack
Almond-Vanilla Protein Powder 17.6 Oz 2-Pack
Almond-Vanilla Protein Powder 17.6 Oz 2-Pack

Almond-Vanilla Protein Powder 17.6 Oz 2-Pack

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(500 g / 10 servings)

Almased’s delicious low-glycemic high-protein meal shakes packed with vitamins and minerals.
• Easy weight loss management
• Stimulates fat burn, while maintaining muscle mass
• Provides optimal nutrients for overall wellness
• Supported by over 15 years of scientific research
• Diabetic friendly
• Gluten-free
• Nothing artificial

Almased is not just another protein drink or weight-loss shake. It’s an innovative nutritional complex that supports whole-body metabolism. And it all starts with how Almased is crafted.

Made with care and love in Aurora, Illinois, Almased is manufactured at an FDA-registered food facility that is Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) certified by NSF International and dedicated to the highest standards for food safety and quality.


Almased’s ingredients start with soy protein from Bloomington, Illinois using a special extraction process, in addition to raw honey and fresh yogurt. The high-quality soy protein used is Almased® is an environmentally friendly, sustainable source of plant protein.
In addition, soybeans score higher than beef in a measure of protein quality called the “Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score.”

Plus, soy protein is naturally low in fat and free of both cholesterol and lactose. The U.S. government says that 25 gr of soy protein a day, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, can improve heart health.

Clinical research on the soy ingredient used in Almased® also proves benefits for weight loss and muscle growth, too.


Unlike most regular honey, which is heat-treated, the honey in Almased® is bursting with vital enzymes and naturally occurring yeast that allow fermentation to continue even after the cans are sealed.
The Yucatan area of Mexico is famous for its Mayan beekeepers and premium- quality honey.

The special honey varieties in New Zealand are also very rich in nutrients, in addition to being earthier and super-healthy.

It’s no wonder, then, that Almased® is made with expensive raw honey from special reserves in Mexico and New Zealand.


Cows that graze naturally help aerate the ground with their hooves, fertilize the soil, and even encourage grass growth.

Not only does this mean a better life for the cows, it also integrates these tasks into the natural ecosystem of the farm, which means lower outside energy use, fewer chemical fertilizers and ultra-quality dairy.

This is why Almased® sources its milk and yogurt from cows in Ireland and northern Germany, where they live in green pastures.