I still have so much energy and my metabolism seems to be keeping up to speed!


I still have so much energy and my metabolism seems to be keeping up to speed!

In October of 2016, I weighed 155 lbs. At 5'2" I was definitely overweight. My company had an upcoming fundraiser and I needed to fit into a cocktail dress. Needless to say nothing fit. Instead of buying a larger size, I knew I had to lose the weight. After seeing an advertisement in a magazine, I decided to try Almased®. In 2 months, I lost 25 pounds and fit into my cocktail dress. I was excited to be selected as an Almased® success story! You can read my original story here. 

More than Two years later and I've kept the weight off!

weight loss succes Harriet

Today, 2 years later, I am still at my goal weight and last week I wore the same dress to our company fundraiser and looked just as good as when I first lost the weight! Almased® has become a part of my everyday life.  I continue to enjoy my Almased® shakes sometimes two times daily. I have tried different flavorings, but keep coming back to my favorite which is unsweetened almond milk, cold black coffee, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla extract, and a zero calorie sweetener.  I have also added the Almased® tea to my daily regimen and enjoy it very much as well. I find myself eating much better these days and continue to have healthy results.


weight loss story Harriet

After 2 years I still have so much energy and my metabolism seems to be keeping up to speed. My body seems to respond well to my activities and I feel more in control. I now play Pickle Ball 5 days a week and never feel tired. Thank you Almased® for a great product, which made it easy for me to maintain the weight and continue to keep me feeling younger and healthier!

Getting Back On Track After a Summer Vacation 

Update (8/9/2019): Like most of us, planning a great summer vacation takes thought and for me several months of preparation. As I got ready for my 3-week road trip to the Oregon coast this summer I knew where I would stop, what I would see and most importantly, what I would eat. I packed healthy snacks and promised myself to eat smart during my trip.

When I got back home, I realized that even though I tried to eat well, I still gained 5 pounds, which on my small 5’2” frame was a lot! I suppose the fudge, ice cream, chocolate and rich foods I consumed did not help much. I immediately went back on a strict Almased® diet for 4 days and the pounds just came right off! I am back to my goal weight and back in the swing of my regular eating habits.

Thanks Almased® for getting me back on track!