New Year, New You — The 21 Day Reset Diet Plan

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New Year, New You — The 21 Day Reset Diet Plan

In the 1960s, physician Max Maltz came out with the concept that, with the right motivation and inspiration, people can make new healthy habits so ingrained that they’re automatic.

And he was right.

21 Day Diet

But there are plenty of so-called experts who will swear to you that the idea of a 21-day healthy fix is simply not possible.

They’ll claim that a new diet reset plan will take you up to 254 days for those new healthy habits to become automatic.

But these “It will take forever” folks don’t realize how incredibly energizing it can be to see changes in ourselves, not only in our weight but in our habits as well, and how we can use those changes as the motivation we need to achieve weight-loss success.

Whatever your health goals, with the right changes to your diet you can get your metabolism and energy levels back on track.

To get started all it takes is a little nudge, and that’s where Almased’s 21-Day Reset plan comes in.


What Do You Eat on the 21-Day Diet?

One great way to get started is with a safe and healthy fast. Fasting, the right way, encourages our bodies to burn more fat while retaining muscle mass.

But keep in mind that fasting safely does not mean starving.

Modified fasting is the safe way to fast, so we don’t starve ourselves like with other diets. This way, we get all of the nutrients we need for our metabolism to naturally support healthy weight loss while holding on to muscle.

In between shakes, it’s vital that we drink plenty of water to naturally detox ourselves, including a minimum of 4 cups of vegetable broth daily.

For 14 days, replace your regular meals with high-protein Almased® shakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Say no to sugary drinks. In between meals, drink plenty of water, including a minimum of 4 cups of veggie broth daily to help curb cravings, get rid of toxins and reduce any extra water weight.

In the next step of the 21-day smoothie diet challenge we’re able to add back in some regular meals.

Healthy High Protein Diet

That’s right, in this last week of our 21-day belly busting reset, we can begin to add back in one high-protein meal a day.

This way, making healthy food choices won’t seem so overwhelming. Plus you’ll learn what type of foods and what amount of food can cause your weight to fluctuate and which foods are better for you.

It’ll help you change up your daily food and meal choices so you can experience continued weight loss.

In this second phase, drink two shakes a day (breakfast and dinner) and eat one solid meal a day (lunch). Avoid snacking for more effective weight loss.

After 21 days, you’ll feel so much better on your new health and weight-loss journey.

You can continue this phase for as long as you want to drop off all of those unwanted extra pounds!

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21 Days to A New You

It may be hard to believe that three weeks is all we initially need to transform new habits into changes for a lifetime … but so many people have found it to be not only true but do-able.

You’re not only able to keep your metabolism active for easier weight loss but you can hold onto those results once the initial “diet” is over.

Remember, starting is the hard part, but it gets easier day after day! Let’s kick 2020 in the butt and start the New Year off with the 21-Day Reset!