Love Your Body: How to Get Fit at Any Age

You can love your body at any age and any stage. Making favorable changes can be a fun process when not overburdened with feelings of unworthiness.


  • You can love your body at any age and any stage. Making favorable changes can be a fun process when not overburdened with feelings of unworthiness

  • The 20’s is an ideal decade to form positive fitness habits as they will significantly impact your health and wellness into your 40’s and beyond

  • Sedentary changes are likely to creep in during your 30's, much due to possible lifestyle changes. You may need fewer calories and a way to deal with declining muscle mass

  • The right types of exercise can prevent a host of health issues in your 40’s. If you’re fit at 40, you’re likely to be fit in your 70’s and beyond.

  • To go safely, exercise for overweight conditions should go slowlyExercise for seniors is more important than ever and being fit in your 50’s and 60’s feels fantastic. Take a note from one super-figure in her bikini at age 54.

  • Fit and fabulous at any age is possible – it’s all up to you The Almased diet is an easy-to-follow plan that supports your metabolism at any age and gives you quick, noticeable results to last an entire lifetime

 You know you’re more than an assortment of body parts, and maybe you're able to love your body regardless of your shape or size. But,

Can You Love Your Body at Any Size Yet Still Want to Change It?

A thunderous, “Yes!” to that. Feel your worthiness. Wear your bikini with confidence. Accept your body at all its changing and various stages. Just know that it’s also A-OK if you’d like to enhance a bit and focus on all fitness health and lose some body fat, too.
Disinformation abounds, such as the belief that body acceptance is the same as being lazy about your health. The truth is, making changes to your body's health and appearance can be fun so long as the change isn’t derived from feelings of unworthiness.
The art of loving your body and welcoming all stages of life lies heavily with your ability to stay motivated to eat right and exercise on a regular basis.
There are stunning examples of accomplishment and success at weight loss, health, and fitness. Use these paragons to inspire and motivate, but also realize that being the “best you can be” does not mean comparing yourself to the best in others.
Aging is an inevitable fact, but the proper lifestyle can slow down the aging process. Attaining a higher fitness level is possible at any time of life so let’s check out how to get fit at any age.

Generation Z: Fit in 20’s

At age 20-something, we tend to be more active with a higher metabolism than the upcoming, later version of ourselves. By the end of our 20’s we start losing body muscle and this trend continues through all our decades.

The best way to lose weight for women in their 20’s is to adopt and firmly establish all favorable fitness and eating patterns for life. Chances are the food you eat, and the exercise you choose has a significant impact on the risk of disease when you become middle-aged.

Just Do It! Focus Now On Setting Up Good Health Routines for a lifetime.

For diet, select lean proteins, healthy fats and oils, and whole grains. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies which are naturally high in fiber. Consider your day-to-day drinking habits. All drinks with sugar or fake sugar, sodas, processed juices, and many energy drinks amount to little more than empty calories. Do you already have the habit of drinking a sugary cola with every meal? Protect your health now, and later you will be glad you did.

Use your faster metabolism to exercise everything. Try it all, from archery and aerobics to rock-climbing, swimming, hiking, yoga and Zumba classes. The big tip for your transformative 20’s is to discover a variety of what you love to do most. Then, be sure to stick with it. Your 30’s are not as far away as you may think.


Millennials and Fitness at 30’s

Many people in their 30's experience changes due to a more sedentary lifestyle. Career focus can mean more time sitting at a desk. Then comes marriage, pregnancy, and children. Stress grows, time seems to shorten and perhaps your center of gravity changes, and all this affects your fitness level.

Your muscles start to change in your 30’s, says Alan Hayes, a muscle and exercise physiologist at Victoria University.2 Professor Hayes focus is on “Muscle Mass Matters” and exercise regimes, and their effect on muscle function in health, aging, and disease.

Fitness articles report that peak muscle mass occurs in the mid-20’s and after that point, they begin to decline. The good news is resistance or weight training can help slow muscle loss, and Professor Hayes says it is never too late to start resistance training.

As a Woman Ages, She Needs Fewer Calories to Sustain Her as Metabolism Naturally Slows and She Begins to Lose Lean Muscle.

The best work out for a 35-year-old female is to focus on building muscle all over, in addition to cardio exercise. "Walking is great, running is great, cycling is fabulous, but those things don't help you to build up your muscle, so you have to incorporate some resistance training into your daily activities," 2 says Hayes. "Just remember to up your protein intake to give muscles the materials they need to knit back together," he advises.

Exercise for women who want to burn fat fast should consider the importance of balance. If you're a beginner, start at a light intensity and gradually build up to a more vigorous rate. You can risk soreness, burnout and even injury by overdoing it.

Include two strength-training sessions each week with at least 48 hours between sessions for your muscles to recuperate. Engage in cardio intervals three to four days per week to boost calorie burn. You can walk, jog, cycle or use an elliptical for cardio intervals.

Spend three minutes at a moderate pace, then go all out for one minute; repeat for 30 minutes total, working up to 45 or more minutes, and then cool down for 3 to 5 minutes. Add one day of moderate or high-intensity cardio lasting 45 to 60 minutes and one day of rest to your week.

Generation X – Getting Fit at 40’s

According to Dr. Joseph Mercola,4 “the right types of exercise can prevent age-related muscle loss, stave off cognitive decline and even trigger mitochondrial biogenesis, a decline of which is common in aging. Exercise reverses significant age-associated declines in mitochondrial mass, and in effect stops aging in its tracks.”
High-Intensity exercise Is for people over 40, too. But skip long hours of cardio and extreme endurance exercises. There's little benefit, and possibly some harm, doing cardio for more than 45 minutes at a time. If you exercise effectively, your workouts should be even shorter.

Flexibility and Strength Training is a Must for the Over 40 Crowd

For useful exercise tips, Mercola goes on to say that adequate core work and regular walking (10,000 steps a day) are also important in middle age. As the intensity of exercise increases, be sure to take adequate time for proper recovery. Most high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT) workouts should only be done three times a week or less. If you are a healthy, fit 40-year old woman, you’re likely to be a healthy, fit woman well into your 70’s and 80’s.

The Benefits of Regular Exercise are Immense, Even if you Begin in Mid or Late life.

Exercise for overweight conditions should go slowly to go safely. If you are overweight in your 40’s, chances are it took a while to tip-up that scale so don’t push for overnight miracles. Take all the time you need to be kind to yourself but stay consistent. If transitioning to a new lifestyle now, you could do yourself a favor by getting some expert supervision at the gym. Always consult with your doctor before making changes to your exercise routine or diet.

Generally, a Cardiac Diet is a Healthy Choice at Any Age.

Just like in your 20’s, a heart-healthy diet includes nutrient-rich foods, also high in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, lean poultry and fish. A cardiac diet can help you lose weight, lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Also consider the Almased 4-Phase Diet Plan to put you on the right track for weight loss and for keeping it off, too. Because of Almased’s effect on the appetite-regulating hormones, you feel full, and food cravings get pushed to the wayside. Naturally sweetened with honey, yet low in calories, the body will be satisfied, and you won’t have to go hungry to lose weight!

Baby Boomer – Get Fit After 50’s

One fabulously fit, 50-year old woman, Kristina Wagner, a long-time actress of "General Hospital," posed in a bikini for an issue of “First for Women” magazine.

Kristina states that “Never in my life have I posed in a bikini before, but I didn’t mind because it’s not about ‘how do you get fit so you can wear a bikini' – it's about a lifestyle and having good body image."

Exercise for Seniors is More Important Than Ever.

To stay healthy, the World Health Organization recommends doing 30 minutes of moderate activity at least five days a week for the prevention of heart disease, osteoarthritis, and hypertension as well as improving balance and coordination.

Exercise for over 50 years of age is not so different or as tricky as it may first seem. If you've kept yourself in shape, you're likely to feel sluggish when you miss your regular workouts. Those habits developed in your 20’s, now pay off big time. And being fit at 60 and older feels sensational! Does anyone want to spend their retirement stuck in a chair in front of a television, doing nothing all day long?

You can look forward to the golden years when you’re full of life and able to be active. Dr. Hayes inspires us with the fact that: “Ninety-year-old women can still have the ability to put on muscle with resistance training.” The muscles' ability to adapt doesn't disappear, even in the very elderly.

Now is the time to reap the rewards of a life well-lived.

Almased6 supports your metabolism during the diet and beyond. Keeping the metabolism active promotes quick and natural weight loss without the dreaded yo-yo effect. If you have a goal for any age, you need a plan. The Almased Diet Plan is easy to follow and will give you the quick and noticeable results you want – to last a lifetime!