Beat Weight Loss — How to Trick Yourself Into Losing Weight

overweight woman eating a green apple while being offered a donut

Maybe you’re trying to lose the “quarantine 15.” Or maybe you’ve been trying hard to lose weight for years. Either way, there are so many ways we can get thrown off track despite our best intentions.

Plus, pandemic anxiety has really caused a lot of us to stress eat, partly because folks have also been worried about the food supply.

Being anxious makes us more prone to both overeat and to choose more high-fat and high-carb foods than we should.

But what if we could find ways to trick ourselves into losing weight — to cheat our way into losing those pounds?

Fortunately, there are things we can do to give our weight-loss efforts that extra edge. Part of this sleight-of-hand is through harnessing the power of our own psychology in ways that work with us, not against us.

Best Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast

Before you decide to boot your diet plans off the stage, try these tricky tips that help with weight loss. Don’t forget, these tactics can form the best diet plan to lose weight fast.

Power Your Diet with Protein, the Best Way to Lose Fat

Compared to fats and carbs, protein is by far the most filling — it makes us feel more full with less food.

It’s believed that part of the reason for this is that protein lowers our hunger levels and increases our satiety, that feeling that tells us: “You’ve had enough.”

In fact, in one study from the University of Washington, researchers found that boosting protein intake from 15 to 30 percent of calories made women who were overweight eat 441 fewer calories each day — all without restricting anything!

It stands to reason that low-glycemic high-protein shakes can be part of your best plan to lose weight since they make jacking up on protein and aminos acids that much healthier.

sick woman with mask looking through the window

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Fantasize About Food

When we’re trying to lose weight, many of us think about food — and often large portions of food — in between meals. More often than not, we’ll share our food fantasy with a friend, co-worker or family member, and we’re likely to be told: “Don’t even think about it!”

While the person telling us this is trying to shield us from tasty temptations, research is now suggesting that there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about food.

Studies have found that people who are asked to think about a meal before they sit down to eat wind up consuming less food, not more.

It seems that the very act of imagining food helps keep our hunger levels a bit more in check.

Basically, if we expect to be full and satisfied, we will be. This was confirmed by research out of the U.K. into what’s called “expected satiety.”

Best Diet Meals To Lose Weight Fast

eat shake not cake

Eat a Shake, Not Cake

Not only does chocolate cake taste delicious, it also literally makes us feel good.

You see, chocolate triggers the release of serotonin and endorphins. It also contains a natural mood elevator that our brain makes when we feel happy.

But what if we could have the cake without the guilt. We can.

We can opt for a low-glycemic high-protein mocha shake, instead. That way we can get all of the chocolatey goodness, but without any of the high-fat badness.

Plus, the experts tell us that it is okay to eat small portions of “cheat foods” from time to time, as long as we don’t go hog-wild.

Guess we can have our cake and eat it, too. Don’t forget to choose the best diet meals to help lose weight fast a majority of the time.

Pair Your Meal With Water

Drinking water with a meal offers more benefits than just avoiding the extra calories of soda or sweetened beverages.

Scientists from the University of Oregon found that when people paired a meal with water, they were more likely to eat their vegetables and make healthier food choices, overall.

So skip the soda, and pour yourself a tall one, of water that is; feel free to add a squirt of lemon or lime, while you’re at it.

fitness woman kicking unhealthy food

A Good Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to forming a weight loss plan, you can incorporate other tricks to keep you from overeating or making the wrong choices. A good weight loss plan involves easy strategies to help steer your metabolism in the right direction.

Dim the Lights

While eating in the dark may sound scary, it turns out that mood lighting does more than create romantic ambiance.

Researchers from Cornell University found that softening the lighting in restaurants caused people to eat almost 20 percent less than what they ordered.

Since softer lighting creates a more relaxed environment, the researchers concluded that the mood-lighting led to a greater feeling of satisfaction, creating less of a tendency to overeat.

So lower those lights!

Drink From Straight-Edge Glasses

Big curvy goblets may look fancy, and all, but researchers from England have proven that people drink 60 percent more alcohol, sugary sodas and juices from curvy glasses rather than straight tumblers. They also drink faster from rounded glasses, too.

So try opting for straight-shaped glasses whenever possible, and space out your sips. This way you’ll feel satisfied sooner and drink fewer calories.

Sleep on It

Poor quality and insufficient sleep can mess with hunger levels, and scientific evidence shows that poor sleep contributes to stress and obesity.

In fact, studies have found that getting less than 6.5 hours of sleep per night can lead to consuming as many as 500 extra calories a day.

On top of that, research shows that consuming protein before bed can help us get that much-needed sleep!

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