Be Creative, Not Restrictive. Include Almased This Season

Over the holidays, it’s easy to overindulge in all the delicious holiday foods and gain unwanted weight. While we try our hardest to maintain our diet and avoid going overboard at the dessert table, sometimes the temptation is hard to resist. As unbelievable as it may seem, it is possible to enjoy the holidays without gaining an extra pound. Here are five fool-proof strategies that can help you avoid weight gain this season.

1. Fast Before The Big Day

Knowing your typical habits over the holidays is helpful. If you are the type who likes to overeat each holiday, then you might find that the best way to avoid weight gain is to fast beforehand. Consider fasting with Almased for 7 to 14 days before the holidays. Fasting helps reduce calories, so when overeating does happen during the holidays, you likely won’t tip the scale because you have been able to maintain your net calories for the month.

2. Plan to Fast The Morning After

If you are the enjoy-it-now-regret-it-later type, then this strategy might come in handy during the holidays. For some, gorging at the dinner table and then feeling extraordinarily regretful afterward is a common behavior. Instead of sulking in gastric misery, take proactive steps. Plan to return to your original diet or fast with Almased for the next few days. It can be a minimum of 3 days and up to 14 days. The fast can help balance net calories so that unwanted weight gain can be prevented. Plus, fasting with Almased helps the body effectively burn off the fat you’ve accumulated.

3. Remain on The Reduction Phase

The key to weight maintenance is consistency. If you’re currently using the Almased Diet, continue on it even during the holidays. Remember that you have worked hard up to this point; there is no way you want to sabotage your progress. So, keep going following the reduction phase of the diet by using Almased two shakes a day and eating one healthy meal. The holidays are an excellent time to alternate your meals and shakes. Drink the shakes during the day and save the one healthy meal to enjoy with family and friends in the evening.

4. Take The Half and Half Approach

To stop eating when you 80% full takes mindful discipline. If this comes naturally to you, then you’ll like the half and half approach to keep your appetite in check. Drink ½ a shake of Almased as an appetizer then head over to enjoy the festivities. Eat a small to moderate meal while taking mental note of your fullness level. This approach can help with portion control as well as keep you from making unhealthy choices due to hunger. Almased helps reduce appetite by supporting the hunger hormone, ghrelin. As a result, your urge to overeat is weaker at your next meal.

5. Select The Combo - Drink an Almased Shake and Go for a Jog

There are so many strategies one can take to prevent holiday weight gain. This one is a simple combination of diet and exercise. Drink an Almased shake for breakfast to support the metabolism and go for a cardio-boosting jog. Use Almased to cut calories and the run to burn off any extra calories. Reducing calories earlier in the day can allow you to eat a “wee bit” more later - now that’s what we call a great compromise.

Regardless of how you choose to enjoy all the delicious dishes this holiday, Almased can help keep your calorie intake under control. Whether you decide to use Almased before, after, or during the holiday, taking any of these strategies can help you maintain your weight, as well as health so that you can enjoy a guilt-free holiday. If one particular approach works for you, keep it in your back pocket as a fallback plan for any occasion.