5 Hidden Causes Of Weight Gain

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If you’re fighting to lose weight, you’re in good company.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, almost 50 percent of Americans surveyed between 2013 and 2016 said they made an effort to lose weight in the past year.

The fact is that over 95 percent of people who try diets aren’t able to achieve their health, calorie-burn and fat-loss goals.

Why? Because the meal plans they’re given are so incredibly hard to make work. This makes people feel frustrated.

We get stressed, depressed and blame ourselves. But that’s not fair, and not what anyone deserves.

Weight loss isn’t the “Holy Grail” or the be-all-and-end all. It’s just a very important side benefit of eating more thoughtfully and living healthier.

A good diet plan lets improved overall wellness and fat loss stick—and the best diet plans are high protein, low glycemic and free of bad stuff.

In fact, we know that eating more protein—the right protein—can help us achieve weight loss, all without extreme exercise or a lifetime of starvation diets.

Protein positively affects our cravings, reducing hunger and increasing feelings of fullness and satisfaction.

That’s where Almased® comes in.

Almased® is a meal-replacement shake formula that’s naturally sourced from non-GMO soy, cultured yogurt, and enzyme-rich, raw honey.

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  • But more about Almased® in a minute … first let’s get started exposing 5 of those hidden causes of weight gain, and what we can do about them!
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Lifestyle means “the way we live our lives.” And the way we live our lives includes everything from sleep, to stress, to exercise and more. 

1. You have too much stress

Occasional stress is fine, as it can make our thinking more clear-headed and focused, can give our immune system a boost to fight a cold,  and can make us more resilient to handle stressful events in our lives.

But chronic stress—the kind of stress that never quits and makes us feel miserable—is bad for us.

One of the reasons it’s harmful is because it keeps our levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, elevated all the time. This makes the body go into survival mode, forcing it to hold on to fat and calories, which leads to weight gain.

Aside from making a life change if needed, deep breathing and meditation can help.

2. You're not getting enough sleep

If you think sleep is just about being horizontal for 7 hours, think again.

If we consistently don’t get enough sleep each night, this can make our body clock, called the circadian rhythm, completely out of whack, which can throw a monkey wrench into the body’s metabolic and hormone balance.

In fact, when we’re not sleeping enough, the body secretes more of the hunger hormone, ghrelin, and less of the hunger-blocking hormone, leptin. This double-whammy leads many night owls to turn to sugary and fatty late-night snacks.

Fortunately, a high-protein diet helps us sleep better, according to research from Purdue University. The researchers studied 14 middle-aged adults and found that those who received a high-protein diet slept better and lost more weight than did folks who had a regular diet.

If you need an evening snack, you can turn to Almased®. Each serving provides a whopping 27 grams of high-quality protein.

3. You’re losing muscle mass

Believe it or not, muscle is actually needed by the body for weight loss. More muscle boosts metabolism, which brings on more fat burning and weight loss.

On top of that, lean muscle mass starts to decline, especially after we hit 40, but we can hold on to that muscle with protein.

In fact, a 2004 study in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders found that Almased® “can improve body composition in overweight and obese people, losing fat but preserving muscle mass.”

Plus lifting some weights regularly is a good idea, too. When we lift weights we build muscle, which burns off more fat even when we’re at rest!


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4. You’re missing B vitamins

People often don’t get enough protein and, thanks to today’s over-processed foods, they’re often missing micronutrients, like B vitamins.

B vitamins play many extremely important roles in energy metabolism in the body. They help the body metabolize fat, protein and carbohydrates.

Low levels of any one of the B vitamins can impact other B vitamins, which can mess up metabolism. A healthy metabolism allows the body to use nutrients for energy rather than storing them as fat.  

For example, vitamin B2, or riboflavin, is one of eight B vitamins required for human health. It’s needed to break down food, to absorb other nutrients and more.

Almased® is rich in nutrients, including B vitamins. In fact, one serving of Almased® provides a health-boosting 6 mg of riboflavin, which is 350% of our basic requirement!


5. You're eating diet foods and artificial ingredients

Clean eating is about what it is (high-quality nutrition) and also what it isn’t (bad stuff).

Advertising has convinced many people—fortunately fewer and fewer people each year—that artificial sweeteners are “good for us” and help us lose weight.

Nothing could be further from the truth. A 2010 study in the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found that artificial sweeteners actually lead to more sugar cravings!

On top of that, a 2015 study in the Journal of American Geriatric Society found that older adults who drink “diet” soda are much more likely to be obese, especially in their bellies.

And other synthetic ingredients are also bad. According to a 2015 study in Nature, emulsifiers, such as polysorbates, hurt your gut bacteria (microbiome), causing a bacterial imbalance that can bring on metabolic syndrome and obesity.

Plus the antibiotics and growth hormones we find in standard processed meat and poultry damage our immunity and contribute to obesity.

Fortunately, clean foods and healthy meal replacements don’t have artificial ingredients—like fake colors, fake flavors, icky fillers or gums, nasty preservatives or unhealthy stimulants.

They have labels we can read, ingredients we can pronounce and nutrients that are really good for us.

Almased® is naturally low-glycemic and high-protein (LGHP), gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly and has no added sugars, nothing artificial, and zero stimulants.

Almased® Is Crafted With Only the Very Finest Healthy, Weight-Loss-Friendly Ingredients

Almased® = honest, powerful nutrition that helps us get healthy, stay healthy and achieve weight loss that lasts.

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